Entergy increases while TVA decreases

Just a week after Entergy requested a 10% hike in their “Fuel Adjustment” charge (on top of last summer’s hefty increase), TVA has announced their third straight quarterly “fuel adjustment” decrease.

TVA says the decrease will bring their prices down to the lowest level in over a year.

“With the reduction in July, we will roll back all of the fuel cost adjustment increase from last fall, which is good news for ratepayers,” TVA President and CEO Tom Kilgore said. “Fortunately for all of us, the price of coal and natural gas that are used as fuels in TVA power plants has declined in recent months. In addition, current economic conditions have resulted in lower power sales for TVA and that reduces our fuel and purchased power costs, as well.” source

Now, I’m sure that their is a simple explanation for the apparent discrepancy, and I would be very interested to hear Entergy’s take on all of this. But, at first blush, Entergy’s rate hike request just doesn’t pass the smell test.


Power outage in Pike County

McComb E-J interviewed Jim Hedges of Entergy regarding power outages in Pike, Walthall, and Amite counties. An estimated 6500 households and business have lost power, and Hedges told E-J, “it’s going to be several days” before power is fully restored in the area.

“More people have power than don’t have power, and I hope it remains that way throughout the duration.” …
“There have been times where we have been restoring power, but for now, we’re just scouting.” “With the wind, it’s just not safe for us to get our buckets out there.”

We’re operating on generator power here in Edgewood subdivision. Hopefully,power will be restored soon. But, remembering the post-Katrina outage, a day or so shouldn’t be too bad.

To the linemen of Entergy and Magnolia EPA, “Thanks for all you do. Be careful out there.”