Cochran supports stimulus bill

This just in, Senator Thad Cochran has voted for the pork-filled stimulus bill in committee hearings today.


Scruggs II: The next chapter

From Y’all Politics:

Former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters has given up his license to practice law. Attorney Joey Langston has linked Peters, attorney Dickie Scruggs, and Hinds county judge Bobby Delaughter in a judicial bribery sceme.

According to Langston, Scruggs paid Peters to help influence Delaughter in a dispute over $15-million in legal fees for asbestos litigation. Peters was Delaughter’s longtime friend and former boss.

Judge Delaughter eventually ruled in Scruggs ‘ favor. Peters — along with Langston and former state auditor Steve Patterson — pocketed $1-million from Scruggs , according to Langston’s plea agreement in the federal investigation.

Who’s next???

Happy New Year

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous new year.