Wicker – Musgrove debate

US Senatorial candidates Roger Wicker and Ronnie Musgrove squared off tonight in a one hour debate at Mississippi College School of Law in Jackson. WLBT news anchor Maggie Wade was the moderator. In a bit of history, this was the first debate in Mississippi history to be televised live in every television market in the state.

In a spirited exchange, neither candidate committed a major gaffe or scored a knock-out punch. The closest either of the gentlemen came was Ronnie Musgrove’s glaring failure to mention Barack Obama by name when asked “For whom will you vote for President, and why?” Musgrove’s statement that he would support the nominee of his Party would have been perfectly acceptable during the Primary season, but seemed to be a point of embarrassment for him just weeks before the general election.

It was, in fact, Wicker’s ability to tie the liberal record of Obama to Musgrove that was the deciding difference in the debate. By bringing up the issue of Judicial appointments as they might affect the Second Amendment as well as abortion and traditional marriage, Wicker demonstrated the continuing difficulty of any Democrat in a statewide election, regardless of how conservative they might be. Why vote for Conservative-Lite when you’ve got the real thing?

So who do you think came out ahead? Click on over to y’all politics and vote.


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