If this were McCain’s aunt?

Just wondering … if this were John McCain’s or Sarah Palin’s aunt, do you think we would just now be reading about it in a British newspaper, only days before the election?

Somehow, I get the feeling that MSNBC snd CNN would have run weeks worth of in depth interviews. But, since it really doesn’t reflect well on Obama, it just gets ignored.

Who’da thunk it? /s


obama too risky

Where’s Ronnie?

Is Ronnie in Georgia or Mississippi? Only the DSCC knows for sure….

Friday Financials

Selling pressure is very strong in pre-market activity this morning. Futures trading is halted until 9:30 am Eastern.

Hang in there folks. It’s going to be a crazy day.

Here are the headlines from cnbc.com

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One more reason for McCain-Palin

Obama has never experienced the wonder of having those small, trusting faces look up into your eyes and squeal, “Grandpa!”

If he keeps believing that babies are “punishment,” then he never will.


The significance of Ayers (part 2)

Making lemonade: 10 things that are going right in America

Recent news from the markets have caused many Americans to be more concerned about their financial futures than any time in recent memory. Kiplingers reminds us that when life hands us lemons, then make lemonade. Here is their list of 10 things going right in America:

1.Oil Loses Its Swagger: With the U.S. and global economy hurting, oil prices have dropped 50% in just three months, from $147 a barrel in July to the $75 range. Remember $80-$100 fill-ups at the pump? The national average for a gallon of gasoline is down to $3.10, from $4.11 in March, and should stay in the $3.00-$3.50 range through next year. Prices for home heating oil and natural gas are also headed lower this winter than last.
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