A question for Obama

“Senator Obama, you distinguished yourself from your Democratic rivals in the primary season as having better judgment because you opposed the war in Iraq in 2002. Knowing what we know now about Saddam Hussein from the independent Iraq Survey Group (Dulfer) Report — that he had the capability to produce chemical weapons within three to six months (and that his son, Uday Hussein, head of Fedayeen Saddam, was openly advocating the use of chemical weapons on U.S. troops), that he was skimming billions of dollars in the Oil-For-Food program and was interested in off-the-shelf nuclear weapons, that he was providing safe haven for terrorists, that he was training and financing suicide bombers, what do you think Iraq would be doing today if Saddam were alive and still in power?”

Read more Q&A from Kathryn Jean Lopez and Debra Burlingame at NRO.


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