Tech beats State: SOS

Same old State.
Can’t run, can’t pass. Multiple turnovers. Special teams are anything but.
Bonehead personal foul penalties.
Not a single first down in the 4th quarter.
Shut out in the second half.

And yet they still had a chance to win.
Trailing by eight points with 3 minutes to go, a State punt was mishandled by Tech, giving the Dogs a 1st down in Tech territory.

Same old State.
A three-and-out, featuring a dropped pass gave State one more opportunity to punt, netting a lousy 15 yards. Tech runs out the clock, punts on the last play, and it’s game over.

C-L reported that Coach Croom was coy in the week leading up to this disaster, promising a more exciting brand of football for State fans. “You need to buy a ticket to see for yourself,” he said. He was right. It was an exciting night to remember for La Tech, and another forgettable night of frustration for the Maroon.

Coach Croom has been given every opportunity to field a competitive team. I’m sorry to say that my patience has been exhausted. This loss was every bit as difficult to watch as the Maine debacle. It will be Same old State, as long as we have the same old excuse for a weak football coach.

Fire Sylvester Croom.


3 Responses

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  2. I have to agree with the comments by the other fan. I’m a patient guy, but Ole Miss has gone and hired a coach to get them back into the SEC race, now we need to find a coach that can lead us inot the promised land.

    Croom is a nice guy, but that doesn’t put wins in the win column. Please find a good coach when this season winds down, there are always some available and hopefully we have the right people looking for a winning coach at Miss. State. Please get us a good one!

  3. I tell you what!!! CROOM HAS TO GO!!! lets face it under croom State lost to teams like Maine,LaTech,Troy State struggled against UAB last year lost to Tennessee this year 34-3 with the vols ranked near the bottom in the country in total defense because of the stupidity of 2 people in general!!!! Larry Templeton & Sylvester Croom!!! I find it sad that Vanderbilt,OleMiss,USM are alot farther along in their program than we are!!! thats what happens when a scalawag like Larry Templeton
    screws the whole athletic programs in the ground and laughs about it!!! then he hires a joke!!like Croom It’s time for my school(MSU)to be a winner in the world of sports I really hope that Greg Byrne can save our sports programs from this sickness called stupidity!!!

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