Introducing Gov. Sarah Palin

Here is the video of Sen. John McCain introducing his selection for VP running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska.


One Response

  1. Pallin’s extreme pro-life position is being presented as the wonderful story of the mother-to-be (Pallin) who refused to abort her fetus when told of its downs syndrome defect. Firstly, is testing for downs syndrome routine? Especially when testing involves the prompting of amniocentesis which carries a risk of inducing miscarriage (often of a healthy fetus)? Secondly, this was the same pregnancy she supposedly refused to birth (a supposed register of her endearing determination and tough-cookieness) when her water broke while conferencing in one city, choosing to complete the conference and fly all the way to Alaska. I thought birthing involves non-voluntary contraptions naturally designed to push the baby out. This would mean, if I am not mistaken, that the physical act of the holding up the birthing could have caused serious risks of defects in the new baby. There is risk (connected to a child’s development) when denied oxygen at birth.

    I welcome anyone to correct me. Pallin’s gun-tooting, creationist, extreme pro-life positions are dangerous –regardless of whether or not she is “the most popular US governor” –we forget this was in a state of 9000 or so people.

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