Pike County PumpWatch

A quick trip to Brookhaven this morning confirmed the old news that the difference between the two cities is marked by more than just 20 miles.

Brookhaven: The price of regular gas on Brookway Blvd this morning was 332.9.

McComb: The price of regular gas on Delaware Ave this morning was 355.9.

Here’s a suggestion. Mayor Patterson has been in a tizzy since a local group of citizens voiced their disapproval concerning a $9.5 million loan to build recreation facilities. He has gone so far as to accuse them of speaking in “code.” I would suggest to Mayor Patterson that he stop trying to make this a race issue, and instead, decide to take on the big three oil distributors who are gouging Pike Countians for hundreds of thousands of dollars, each and every year.

I know the two issues: the recreation facilities, and the price of gas in McComb, have nothing at all to do with each other, and I’m not saying that they do. I am saying that it is wrong for a privileged few to make a 23cent/gal premium on a commodity that sells for so much less just 20 miles down the road. The $9.5 million expenditure for recreation facilities is chump change in comparison.


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