Pike Petro Perplexity

Why is gasoline so much more expensive in McComb than it is just 20 miles up I-55 in Brookhaven? I’ve wondered about that for years. The price difference in the past has never been more than a dime or so per gallon, but recently, the difference has become substantial. Some say it borders on price gouging.

I had some business to attend to in Brookhaven and took my camera with me just to document the differences. It didn’t take much time to find a 34 cent/gal difference at Walmart, and a 32 cent/gal difference just across the street at Amoco.

Returning to McComb, I stopped at BP on Veterans, then drove down to Delaware, where the best price I found was at Blue Sky.

If anyone has the answer to the mystery, please feel free to comment. I think it has to do with the fact that the local wholesalers don’t have to compete with Walmart, and in this writers opinion, that needs to change.


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