Musgrove cohorts to plead guilty

Charles Morehead and Nixon Cawood are set to plead guilty tomorrow in The US District Court of the Northern District of Mississippi. Both men, executives with Georgia-based The Facility Group, will join Robert Moultrie, also of The Facility Group, who pleaded guilty on Monday.

Moultrie admitted he and Cawood agreed to pay then-Gov. Ronnie Musgrove another $25,000 campaign contribution – on top of an earlier $20,000 – to ensure goodwill should they need his help later on relating to the Beef Plant.

The Facility Group was hired in 2003 by the state to consult on the plant’s design and then on its construction.

The Yalobusha facility closed soon after it opened, putting hundreds of people out of work and leaving the state holding the bag on $55 million on loan guarantees.

The three executives – plus their companies – originally were indicted in March on 16 counts they conspired to bribe Musgrove and defraud the state to repay their campaign contributions.

Musgrove claims he did nothing wrong.

More: Alan Lange notes, “there’s definitely smoke… but is there fire?


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